Motorboats are generally prohibited on the northern part of Lake Garda.

However, during this event, a special permit to use such boats may be given (producing the required documents) by the Circolo Vela Arco if team leaders and coaches agree to the following rules:

  • maximum 2 people are allowed on the motorboat;
  • to follow all instructions given by the Race Committee underwriting the proper form by the Secretary Office of the Circolo Vela Arco:

The required documents are:

– engine registration document of the rib (engine brand name – engine serial number);

– current insurance of the engine;

– driver’s identity document or navigation license, if the engine is 40.8 HP or more;

– pick up at the office the navigation permit and the flag to keep on the motorboats

(deposit of € 20.00)


There is a limit (quantity) of permissions for the motorboats on the water .  (GIVEN BY THE REGION)

At the moment we have 120 pre-registrations. Admitted are  maybe max 60 motorboats in the water. The rule will be 2 different coaches on each motorboat or one coach for 10 sailors.

If you are planning to coach on the water for one or more sailors at the Laser World Championships, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO REGISTER YOUR RIB AT OUR CLUB TO APPLY FOR A PERMISSION